Version 1.3 released

A new version of iFroze is in the app store.  Most of the changes were to the way locations are entered but there were a few behind the scenes upgrades.  Unfortunately the app now requires iOS 6.0 to run.  Hopefully this won’t be a problem for too many people.

2 thoughts on “Version 1.3 released

  1. David:

    I replied by email but will post here as well for others.

    To delete a location in iFroze you go to any item (existing or new) and click on location as if you were going to add or edit the location for that item. At the bottom of the list of locations should be an option for adding a new location and another for deleting an existing location.

    From there, you select the location you want to delete and then click done. A confirmation dialog will appear. Select Yes and the location will be deleted.

    I realise this isn’t the easiest function to find in the app. I suppose we should probably have a location management button on the about screen but I’m not sure how often this would be used.

    The Two Old Beans.

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