The free version allows the entry of 20 unique items of food (enough to decide if the app works for you). A simple in-app purchase will allow you to enter as many items as you want. No information already entered into iFroze will be lost in the upgrade.


General operation:

  1. Create top level categories (such as pizza, frozen dinner, meat)
  2. Create sub-categories (for example in the meat category, you might add burgers, wings, hotdogs, and boxes of chicken fingers)
    • To add a subcategory, tap the “name” label of the category you wish to add to.
  3. Create as many layers of sub-categories as you like for organizing your freezer inventory.
  4. Add specific dated items within subcategories (for example, add to the “burgers” category).
    • Don’t forget to increment the quantity if you bought more than one.
    • Tap the item to bring up more information such as location, notes, labels, and to change entry/due dates.
  5. When removing items from freezer, simply navigate to the item, select item details, and decrement the counter.

Shopping lists

When the last item is removed, you are asked if you want this item on your shopping list. Shopping lists can be updated any time by clicking the shopping cart icons with a “+” or “-” on them.

At the grocery store bring up the shopping list from the bottom navigation bar to see what is on the list. This list is stored on your device, so you do not need a wireless connection when shopping.

Meal planning

Bring up the “what is due” list from the bottom navigation to see what food you should consider using or removing soon.

Deleting locations

To delete a location in iFroze you go to any item (existing or new) and click on location as if you were going to add or edit the location for that item. At the bottom of the list of locations should be an option for adding a new location and another for deleting an existing location.

From there, you select the location you want to delete and then click done. A confirmation dialog will appear. Select Yes and the location will be deleted.

8 thoughts on “Instructions

  1. Can I delete a category? Please advise or add this as an option. Love this app buts i used it wrong at first and put in items when I really want to put them in categories. But now I can’t see how to remove the items after creating a category.

  2. The standard iOS delete option is available. Swipe from right to left on the category you wish to delete. A red “Delete” button will appear. Tap this “Delete” button to remove the category.

  3. Is there any way to Print a Freezer Contents? We have had a freezer failure and need to make an insurance claim. Printing out would solve having to write everything out.
    BTW email I sent “bounced”

  4. Love the app. Finding scary things at the bottom of the freezer doing inventory. Wish I Could update across my multiple devices When I make a change on one. Thanks

  5. Trina: We discussed this ages ago by email but I thought I’d put a note here for the record. At the moment there is no way to print the freezer inventory from the app. We may consider this, or something similar, for a future release.

  6. I don’t understand how to use the shopping list feature. When I decrement an item to zero, I get a message that asks if I am sure I want to delete the item. I don’t. I tried choosing yes and thought maybe it would be moved to the shopping list but it was just deleted. Please let me know what else to try. Otherwise it is a helpful app. Thanks!

  7. Jeannie:

    I didn’t get a reply to the email I sent you so I’m posting most of it here.

    I’m guessing here, but I think you may be setting up your data in the app in a slightly different way to what was intended. Normally an “item” is something you bought on a specific day and, when it is all used up, that item is deleted.

    For example:

    Say you have the following category structure:
    Meat -> Beef -> Ground Beef

    On 31 December you buy a pound of ground beef. This will create an item called something like “Dec 31, 2013” in the Ground Beef category.

    Then, on 7 January, you buy another pound of ground beef. This creates another item in Ground Beef, this one called something like “Jan 7, 2014”.

    When you use the Dec 31 ground beef, and decrement the counter to zero, that item will be removed, leaving you with just the Jan 7 one.

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