Do you know what items are lurking at the bottom of your freezer chest? Have you ever been at the grocery store wondering, how many frozen pizzas are in the freezer so you can decide whether to buy the frozen pizza that is on sale and how many you need?

iFroze is the application that will help you answer these questions.

iFroze is an easy to use freezer inventory application that keeps track of the items in your freezer.

Features include:

– Multiple category hierarchy.
– Automatic dating of items.
– Listing of items in order of their due date.
– Item counts for each category.
– Items are identified by either an entered label or the freezer entry date.
– Each item includes purchase date, due date, label, quantity, location, and notes.
– Easily increment or decrement item counts when you add or remove items from the freezer.
– Shopping list of items removed from freezer.

Uses include:

– Grocery shopping
– Meal planning
– Freezer item location
– Pantry item inventory
– Emergency preparedness
– Chalet, Cottage and Boat inventory

iFroze is free to try, inexpensive to buy.

8 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Bought App yesterday and was putting items in when it froze and I Couldn’t use it. Deleted App and have now lost the full version as you can appreciate I am extremely annoyed about this . Please respond.

    Many Thanks

  2. Mark:
    The upgrade price depends on what country you are in. At the moment, it is $0.99 in the US and Canada. This is the lowest price-point in each country.

    Our price may change when we release a new upgrade. That price change does not affect people who buy now.

  3. Steph:

    The app can be downloaded from the iTunes store again. If the app does not immediately give you the in-app upgrade, go to the screen and select . Use the same iTunes identity, and it will tell you that you already have paid the upgrade, and offer to re-apply the upgrade for you.

    You will not be charged twice if you use the same iTunes identity.

    [I had replied to Steph by e-mail, but just remembered to update the comments]

  4. There are 2 of us using the freezer, each with an iPhone. How can we each add and delete items and have an up to date list that is same for both?

  5. Doug: I replied by email but thought I’d copy the message here in case anyone else had a similar problem.

    The first time you try to add a location to an item it will ask you to enter the name of the location. For example you could say “Upstairs freezer”.

    The next time you add an item, when you click on location you will get a menu. One of the options will be “Upstairs freezer” – which you can select if that is where the item is. If you want to add another location you just select “Add new location” then hit done. Then you can enter the name for the second location – say “Basement freezer”.

    After this “Upstairs freezer” and “Basement freezer” will appear in the location menu but you can always select “No location specified” if you want.

    You can add as many locations as you would like.

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