iFroze 1.1 submitted

iFroze 1.1 has been submitted. This fixes a bug that 2 users managed to find. Thanks to the user who took the time to send an e-mail so we knew about how the app crashed.

As a result, we learned about the impact of the constantly changing iOS. One of those changes meant we were not saving data properly. This only mattered if the app or device crashed. If you have data, this matters!

We now protect your data much better. If anybody finds an issue, please use the link to send us an e-mail so we can fix it or explain it better.


4 thoughts on “iFroze 1.1 submitted

  1. I liked the free app. so I purchased it. Like the free app. it keeps crashing for no reason. I thought it was crashing because I was only using the free version and thought it was crashing because I had reached the
    max of 20 items. I purchased the full app. Put all the info in, it crashed and I lost all the info I put in (3x)…………..NOT HAPPY AT ALL. Hope

  2. Please update to 1.1 and let us know how you like the app.

    We do apologize to all our users who crashed iFroze. We believe our testing process is improved now.

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